We are the Vietnamese distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of all the natural essential oils you need to find to serve your needs, from essential oils for aromatherapy to oil. Spiritual relaxation mix.


We is proud to be the leading essential oil accessories distributor in Vietnam with products such as candle oil burner, thermal essential oil burner, and all kinds of amplifiers …


The beauty on the outside will speak for the good inside. Hope that each gift sent to you, contains the most quintessential emotions in it instead of words to say from us.


We supply dozens of essential oil ingredients for the manufacture of natural oils and essential oil products. The ingredients in our ingredients are completely safe and easy to use.


Khoinguyenglobal’s base oil is often used in aromatherapy, a complementary therapy that uses different essential oils to support both physical and mental health.


As the name suggests, a scented candle is a kind of candle capable of radiating a pleasant fragrance and calming people’s minds. Our scented candles include avocado wax, palm wax, soy wax … combined with aromatic oils.

About us

Khoi Nguyen Global is proud of the 10-year history of producing pure essential oils in Vietnam. During the process of formation and development, Khoi Nguyen always pursues the principle of “immutable” which is “REAL VALUE”, so Khoi Nguyen affirms a reliable position in the domestic essential oil market. and the international essential oil market in general. In which, two prominent markets that Khoi Nguyen targets are Asia and Europe countries. 

Customers know Khoi Nguyen is a brand of real essential oils, pure essential oils, natural oils, not mixed with chemical impurities. 

With enthusiasm, experience and desire to bring a happy life to the community, Khoi Nguyen Global not only invests in modern essential oil production lines, but also invests heavily in ensuring the origin of raw materials. international standard. In addition, packaging and packaging processes are also given due attention to quality. Each customer who chooses essential oils of Khoi Nguyen Global receives a pledge of satisfaction: “We can confidently upgrade every living space to become classy.”

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We always provide the best product

Numbers don’t lie


Customers are satisfied with Khoinguyenglobal’s care.


Customers need to re-use Khoinguyenglobal’s products.


Customers say that using Khoinguyenglobal products is more effective than those in the same segment.

Cinnamon oil

Grapefruit Hydrosol

Coconut oil

Lamp Essential Oil

Essential oil diffuser

100ml Glass Bottle

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Why Choose Khoi Nguyen Global?

High-quality Products

Are products made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients

Quality Tested

With results beyond expectations, our products always ensure quality with consumers

Quality Indicators

Always commit to the right criteria and content according to permitted standards.

About Khoinguyenglobal

Proud to be one of the leading essential oil suppliers in Vietnam, khoinguyenglobal always brings real value to its customers.

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