Anise oil

What is anise?

Anise is a leafy tree that grows green all year round, often occurs in China and northeastern Vietnam. With a variety of ingredients and many precious properties, anise is used by many Asian countries as a medicine. At the same time, the distinctive scent of anise is also widely exploited in world cuisine. Anise flower  (anise shaped like flowers should be called anise) is the special flavor of pho, the main ingredient in the five flavors of China or raw materials for food processing. baking, … in western countries.

What is anise oil?

Anise oil  is a product extracted from the fruit of anise. In order to have a product of  pure anise oil , keeping the precious characteristics of anise, the production stage is very important. Essential oils are separated from anise by steam-entrained fractionation, dissociation extracting fraction. When finished,  pure anise essential oil  has a characteristic viscous form, colorless or light yellow in color, along with a very characteristic aroma.

In  essential anise oil  is trans-anethol in addition to more than 20 other compounds. A trans-anethol concentration of 85% or more and cis-anethol – a toxic ingredient, not exceeding 3%, will meet the international standard of pure natural anise oil.

Benefits of anise oil

Anise oil  is a product extracted from nature with diverse chemical composition, warm, spicy taste. With its great uses, it is considered by many as “a wonderful gift for health”. What is anise oil  used for, and yet people call it such a beautiful name?

1. Good effect on respiratory system

Anise oil is  very good for the respiratory system with anti-bacterial properties. It helps protect the respiratory tract, prevents respiratory problems effectively,  anise essential oil  also aids in the treatment of asthma problems, wind cough, dry cough. In particular,  anise essential oil  also has the ability to loosen phlegm to help reduce the discomfort of sore throats.

2. Good effect on the digestive system

Anise oil  has warm properties so it helps stabilize the digestive system, increases intestinal motility and stimulates the digestive system, preventing problems such as indigestion, nausea, dysentery, and diarrhea.

3. Excellent effect in wound antisepsis

The most powerful property of  anise essential oil  is to help disinfect and prevent wound infections, effectively prevent skin diseases, protect the functioning of organs in the body such as the digestive system and system. Respiratory. At the same time, it helps increase the body’s resistance and immunity without fear of side effects like when taking supplements.

4. Miraculous analgesic effect

Anise oil  has miraculous anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They are especially used in cases of osteoarthritis pain, back pain, abdominal pain, body pain, and headache.

5. Snacks with anise oil, a little thing!

Thanks to the heat,  anise essential oil  has the ability to warm the body, help soothe and relax the body effectively. At the same time, it helps treat colds, typhoid, and hot and cold fever very well.

6. Signature scent has relaxing value

Besides the wonderful effects on the health of people,  anise essential oil  also has a unique fragrance. More specifically, this unique fragrance is also valuable for relaxation, while helping to disinfect the air very well, repelling pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In addition   , hot anise essential oil is also used in massage to effectively relax the body. In scientific studies,  anise essential oil  also helps stimulate the milk glands of mothers after birth and effectively prevent bad breath.

7. Stimulating appetite when used in dishes

Anise oil has the ability to remove odors, fishy food, make up the scent of the dish, stimulate appetite. When used in dishes, the characteristic pungent flavor of anise is blended with the inherent flavors of the dish, giving rise to its distinctive and distinct flavor.

8. Clean pores, dirt

Wash your face with essential oils  1-2 times a week to deeply cleanse pores, remove dirt and sweat. However, you should not wash your face too much, making the skin weak and vulnerable to external factors.

How to use simple anise oil

1. How to use essential oil anise directly on the skin

Anise oil  is used to apply directly on the skin to relieve pain, dissolve bruising, … or massage to relax the body after a long hard working day. Many people believe that  anise oil  is a product extracted from nature so you can use it as you like. This is completely inaccurate, when  using anise oil  directly on the skin you need to note the following in order to achieve optimum effect and not to occur side effects:

  • Test before use: Extracted from nature, safe for most skin types, but there are a few cases of allergies to some ingredients in anise oil. Therefore, testing before using is a step that cannot be ignored.
  • Dilute essential oils before use:  Anise essential oil  has hot, spicy properties that can cause damage if you apply it directly. Therefore, you should dilute anise oil with some base oils (olive oil, coconut oil, …) and then use it to apply on the skin.
  • Clean the skin before use: In order to be able to properly promote the effects of  anise oil  and not cause side effects between the ingredients of coconut oil and other products you have used before, you need to pay attention. Clean the oiled skin.
  • Do not apply  anise oil  to the area where the skin has been and is using other topicals.

2.How to use anise oil to drink

In addition to using  anise oil  to apply skin, it is also used to drink to solve digestive problems, stomach pain, colds, … To promote the effectiveness of essential anise oil when drinking, you need to dilute the essence Oil with warm water.

3.Can anise oil

One can  use anise oil to steam the room  to bring a mild scent while disinfecting it to create a comfortable space, a room full of fragrance. A little note for you when using to steam the room is to keep the door closed to ensure the fragrance does not escape.

In addition, this essential oil can be used for facial steam to help clean pores, remove dirt, sweat and are very healthy.

How to do it: Put a few drops of essential oil in a basin of hot water, face it down and put a large face towel over your head (you can use a specialized facial inhaler for better results).

Note: you should not overdo this method of finishing face, 1 week should only steam from 1 to 2 times is enough. Because, too much facial steam will make the skin weaker and thinner, more susceptible to damage by external factors.

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