Cinnamon oil

What is cinnamon essential oil?

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the stem, bark, leaves or roots of the cinnamon plant. A plant species with scientific name Laurus cinnamomum and belongs to the family Lauraceae. This plant originated from Asia but specifically South Asia, now cinnamon essential oil and cinnamon powder become a very popular product transported around the world.

Currently there are about 100 species of cinnamon in the world, but there are two most popular types: Cylon cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon. It can be said that cinnamon is the oldest spice and remedy in the world. Cinnamon has been used by the Egyptians and Chinese for thousands of years. Many documents in ancient Egypt show that cinnamon was considered a high-class commodity, even as valued as gold.

What is the composition of cinnamon essential oil? What types are there?

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the bark of the tree, consisting of 3 main ingredients: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol and linalool. These ingredients make up about 85% of the composition of cinnamon essential oil. The ratio of each ingredient depends on the part to be extracted of the plant.

  • The bark mainly contains: cinnamaldehyde
  • The leaves mainly contain: eugenol
  • The roots mainly contain: camphor

Currently on the market popular 2 types of cinnamon essential oil:

  1. Cinnamon bark essential oil: Derived from the bark of cinnamon. Reddish-brown in color, looks denser
  2. Cinnamon Leaf Oil: Derived from the leaves and branches of cinnamon. Has a lighter color

In general, the effects of these two essential oils are similar. However, cinnamon bark oil is said to be more powerful than the type extracted from the leaves.

Effects of cinnamon essential oil

Here are the uses of cinnamon oil that have been proven by scientific studies.

1. Good for the heart

An animal study published in 2014 showed that cinnamon essential oil has the ability to lower total and harmful cholesterol (LDL) while increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) index. This makes it one of the essential oils for heart health.

Cinnamon essential oil has also been shown to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) production. A substance works to increase blood flow, increase blood circulation to cells, thereby helping to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, this essential oil also has anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet aggregation to help protect the arteries of the heart.

2. Natural aphrodisiac

In Indian Hindu medicine (also known as Ayurvedic) cinnamon is recommended for use for sexual dysfunction in men. Is this to be believed?

An animal study published in 2013 showed that cinnamon oil has the ability to treat impotence in men. Subjects of study are animals showing signs of sexual impotence due to age, cinnamon essential oil extract has been shown to improve sexual function in terms of both libido and erectile ability.

3. Suppose she m l UO ng e UO ng blood

Studies were conducted on both humans and animals have demonstrated that: Cinnamon essential oil has the ability to increase insulin secretion. From there, it helps to lower blood sugar, keep blood sugar balance, and helps reduce appetite

You can use pure cinnamon essential oil in everyday foods to take advantage of its blood sugar lowering benefits. However, do not overdo it as it can cause severe hypoglycemia.

4. Skin, lips and hair care

A study conducted in 2017 showed that cinnamon essential oil has the ability to suppress the formation of biological substances that cause inflammation and tissue regeneration. Thanks to this anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon essential oil can become a natural remedy for skin inflammation such as: acne, rash.

Besides, the essential oil is also recommended for use to take care of the scalp and lips thanks to its properties that increase blood circulation.

To take advantage of the anti-inflammatory, blood circulation of cinnamon essential oil to the skin, hair and lips, you can use 2-3 drops of essential oil combined with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and then apply it to the affected area. moving.

. H eg hard tr burp between Arab m weight

Cinnamon essential oil has the effect of losing weight thanks to the following 2 mechanisms:

  • It helps balance blood sugar, lowers blood sugar, reduces cravings. Help replace sugar in food
  • A study in the journal Metabolism has demonstrated cinnamaldehyde (a component of cinnamon essential oil) has the ability to enhance the thermogenesis and metabolism in the fat layer under the skin of the person. From there, help reduce fat, fight obesity.

6. H eg hard tr belch go ề u p ị ulcer d sir thick

  • One of the main causes of stomach ulcers is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (HP). One trial conducted on 15 patients with gastric ulcer and positive for bacteria looked at the effects of using 40 mg of cinnamon extract for 4 weeks. Results showed that although cinnamon essential oil did not completely destroy HP bacteria, it did limit the penetration and attack of this bacterium.

A study published in 2000 also showed that a substance called eugenol (a component of cinnamon essential oil) has the ability to reduce the number and extent of ulcers.

7. Ch stain ng parasites

Many studies have proven that cinnamon essential oil or cinnamon extract has the ability to inhibit the growth of some harmful parasites.

  • A study published in 2014 demonstrated that the combination of ginger and cinnamon essential oils suppresses the development of the helminth parasite (G. lamblia). Another cause of intestinal infection.
  • Research has also shown that cinnamon essential oil is resistant to the growth of a malaria parasite called Plasmodium falciparum. Researchers have found that these essential oils disrupt their amino acid biosynthesis.

8. Gi Arab m pain h g

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and immune-boosting properties, cinnamon essential oil is considered one of the best essential oils for sore throats.

If you have a sore throat try drinking a cup of warm lemon with honey and a few drops of cinnamon essential oil. Surely the pain will ease.

Ch 9. stain ng pediatric • Preparatory m n À m nail

A study published in 2016 demonstrated that olive oil, cinnamon essential oil is an effective natural remedy for the prevention of candidan albicans. One cause of toenail fungus and many other diseases.

If you want to treat nail fungus, combine olive oil, cinnamon oil with coconut oil and apply it on the affected nail area.

10. Natural deodorizing

Do you like to enjoy a warm scent in the fall, winter right in your room? Try incorporating natural scents like cinnamon, lemon essential oil, orange and cloves by placing them in a spray or diffuser.

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