Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil  – Ginger has 1 to 4% volatile oil so the method of extracting  ginger essential oil  is to use steam, from the root ginger will create essential oil droplets with a very special scent: a little spicy but warm and warm. Ginger essential oil has its own unique characteristics, creating a cozy and comfortable living space, especially in winter. They are used more and more widely all over the world for many different purposes, but ultimately, they are beautifying and comfortable for human life.

Ginger is a very popular plant in many countries around the world. Pure ginger essential oil  containing bisabolene and Zingiberen has an effective beauty care massage effect. The aroma of the spicy ginger essential oil has a distinct warmth.

Benefits of ginger essential oil:

  • From ancient times up to now ginger has been used extensively in the treatment of various diseases. Therefore, like pure ginger root, essential oils have the same effect as: cure and treat rheumatism, reduce phlegm in the throat … The most special thing is that can help you calm down when angry. irritability, which in turn will reduce stress to have the best spirit for all challenges of life.
  •  A steam bath with  pure ginger essential oil helps increase the body’s temperature significantly. Relax and relax in the bath, and you will quickly find a pleasant feeling again.
  • In the past, the elderly used ginger to stimulate the circulation, eliminate harmful toxins, help the body recover quickly and reduce stress, stress and prevent vomiting when riding the train. With ginger essential oil its effects are similar. In addition, it is more convenient during use
  • Pure ginger essential oil is also used to treat health problems.
  • If possible, you should use them on a regular basis with essential oils and in the room. Ginger essential oil will emit a warm and warm aroma that spreads throughout the world to create an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

How to use ginger essential oil:

  • Burning or inhaling  ginger oil will reduce stress, stress, and the risk of catching the flu or a cold. Will bring you a sense of joy, comfort and a good fitness ready for everyday tasks.
  •  Ginger essential oil can be mixed with water for a bath or massage. It works well in the treatment of arthritis, treating nausea or colds, flu …

_ Massage formula with essential oils to help reduce stress and smooth skin including 250 ml of olive oil + 5 ml of ginger essential oil + 3 ml of lavender essential oil. Proceed to mix this mixture in 1 sealed glass bottle to use gradually.

The skin warming massage formula, the body includes 12 drops of sandalwood + 3 drops of ginger essential oil + 1 drop of patchouli essential oil.

  • Soak 1 drop of ginger essential oil in a handkerchief then used to smell it is effective in treating nausea, colds and flu.
  • When  ginger essential oil is well combined with other essential oils such as: frankincense, ylang ylang essential oil, neroli essential oil, neroli essential oil will be great for steaming, massage, and conditioning. treatment of diseases such as rheumatism w….

Recipe for treating rheumatism with a mixture includes 2 drops of ginger + 2 drops of Helichrysum + 3 drops of Chamomile + 2 drops of sweet orange + 5 drops of Lavender + 2 drops of Mandarin + carrier oil or foundation oil or an odorless cream. Apply on painful, swollen areas on a regular basis

Note when using pure ginger oil:

  • They have many good effects for the body, but you should read to know the uses and how to use them to avoid the unfortunate mistakes that can occur.
  • Ginger essential oil as well as other types should be stored in a clean, cool place away from sunlight and high temperatures.
  • If you want to massage or apply to the skin, it is necessary to dilute the essential oils with warm water, and prohibit the use of pure essential oils because it is easy to burn.
  • Children and pregnant women should consult a doctor or pharmacist for use.

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