Grapefruit hydrosol flowers

The grapefruit flowers are not only loved for their gentle beauty with a seductive scent, but they are also very effective in healing, beautifying, sensing, coughing with phlegm, relaxing, reducing stress, beauty essential oils, shampoo.

In March during the pomelo flower season, just a few flowers placed indoors, you can also smell a faint scent everywhere.

Grapefruit flower is one of the ancient remedies for cough in the elderly.
To get the best results, you can distill grapefruit flowers with alum sugar for tools to drink gradually, especially during the changing weather, high humidity, and susceptible to respiratory diseases.
Grapefruit scent helps to calm, relax, reduce stress, help alertness, lucidity. On the other hand, grapefruit flower is also a good medicine that can treat phlegm cough, stomach pain, headache caused by fatigue, defecation …

On the other hand, the grapefruit flower contains useful nutrients such as pectin, naringin, peroxydaza and amylase digestive enzymes, vitamins A and C … so since ancient times it has been used to steam, boil bath water, make essential oils for hair. smooth.

Steaming with grapefruit flowers will help wash dirt and remove toxins from deep inside out the body by sweat.

To get an ideal pot of grapefruit flower steam, you just need to wash 2 ounces of grapefruit flowers or 20ml of grapefruit hydrosol, boil with about 500ml of water and steep for about 5 minutes to start steaming.

In addition to containing healthy nutrients, grapefruit flowers are also an indispensable ingredient in the beauty routine for many women. Specifically, in the grapefruit flower contains a high content of flavonoids that are extremely good in antioxidant, skin protection, reduce pigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots, freckles … to help smooth white skin, visible ruddy color. Every day after washing your face, you get a makeup cotton soaked with grapefruit hydrosol and apply it to the face and neck and then pat it all over the face to absorb the nutrients deeply into the skin. On the other hand, we can also use grapefruit flower hydrosol to help hair grow faster, more quickly, bathe, steam … without having to worry about buying unsatisfactory essential oils.

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