Khoi Nguyen Global is proud of the 10-year history of producing pure essential oils in Vietnam. During the process of formation and development, Khoi Nguyen always pursues the principle of “immutable” which is “REAL VALUE”, so Khoi Nguyen affirms a reliable position in the domestic essential oil market. and the international essential oil market in general. In which, two prominent markets that Khoi Nguyen targets are Asia and Europe countries. 

Customers know Khoi Nguyen is a brand of real essential oils, pure essential oils, natural oils, not mixed with chemical impurities. 

With enthusiasm, experience and desire to bring a happy life to the community, Khoi Nguyen Global not only invests in modern essential oil production lines, but also invests heavily in ensuring the origin of raw materials. international standard. In addition, packaging and packaging processes are also given due attention to quality. Each customer who chooses essential oils of Khoi Nguyen Global receives a pledge of satisfaction: “We can confidently upgrade every living space to become classy.”


To develop steadily in the difficult essential oil market such as Asia and Europe, Khoi Nguyen has been operating based on the following 3 core values:

1: Essence from the origin

In order to create essential oil products that meet the standard of “Extracting essences – Capturing essence”, Khoi Nguyen standardizes right from the step of choosing the source of production materials, which are the best and cleanest raw materials; rehabilitate the most nutritious cropland; Modern production machines, hygienic lines, safe packaging and transportation, 100% of essential oils are kept intact for customers.

2: Customer happiness is a measure of quality

Khoi Nguyen understands that the reason why customers find essential oils comes from the desire to have spiritual comfort, a wealth of health and assert the class of an organization, a house or a product. somehow. Therefore, all production activities, quality standards, shipping distribution systems and customer care services, partner support services are oriented towards higher satisfaction than expected. The ultimate goal is to help customers feel happy at the highest level.

3: Creativity is the only way to grow

Khoi Nguyen Global considers creativity as vitality, as a lever to create the distinctive product. Essential oils produced by Khoi Nguyen always have something special that no other brands of essential oils have. From specifications, production formulas, quality standards to consumer needs, changes in customer behavior … are constantly researched and developed by Khoi Nguyen’s team.


The most perfect scent is the smell of nature. Khoi Nguyen Global has a mission to bring that scent to every organization, every family to enhance the value of the space and products that come with essential oils to become perfect. Products are not only for pure use but also for the enjoyment of life.

In addition, Khoi Nguyen desires to bring the best both material and spiritual to the Vietnamese community, especially the peasants. The things Khoi Nguyen has been and will always do in the future is protecting the environment, improving the soil to grow essential oils. Especially creating many jobs for local workers, rustic farmers who love farming.


In the near future, Khoi Nguyen essential oil will certainly be a brand that is loved and trusted by users in the domestic market. Not stopping there, Khoi Nguyen essential oil also has a strong promotion plan to serve international partners and customers, especially countries in Asia and Europe. 

With the belief in quality, customer care policies, partner support policies and professional shipping distribution, Khoi Nguyen Global will quickly become a well-positioned brand in the manufacturing and distribution industry. essential oils in the world.


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